10 Reasons for a VoIP Cloud-based Solution from

1. Cost

Premise-based solutions require a high initial capital investment as well as high recurring support costs to manage, maintain and upgrade the technology.

Mitel® MiCloud Business is predictable, all inclusive and cost-effective. Because there is no need to purchase the equipment all expenses are operational on a per-seat basis.

2. Management


The management of an on-premise solution can be very expensive. Because of the complexity of today’s communications systems, it often takes an entire IT department to effectively manage the solution.

A cloud-based solution means that you can outsource all the cost and work to the manufacturer who takes care of the 24 / 7 / 365 management. With MiCloud Business you can focus on your other IT initiatives.

3. Technology


The refresh cycle on technology solutions has shortened to an average of three years. This represents an obstacle for companies as the ongoing technology upgrade becomes a major capital investment.

MiCloud Business updates its technology with every new major product release. MiCloud Business is the only cloud-based PBX available that is hosted and operated by the manufacturer.

4. Scalability

With an on-premise solution clients must continue to make large capital investments on new hardware as they grow. They are also left with extra hardware if they downsize.

With a cloud-based solution new offices and users can be set up through a self-administered client portal or by calling customer service. It is easy to scale up and down based on your business needs.

5. Vendor Management


With a premise-based solution, the challenge lies in managing multiple vendors for implementation and support, handling separate billing relationships, increased demand for technical experts on multiple platforms and ongoing maintenance, support and upgrade requirements.

With MiCloud Business the customer gets one single vendor for all their communication needs – voice, data and applications. 

MiCloud Business delivers the entire solution as a service from a single vendor on a single bill. One hand to shake, one call to make, MiCloud makes managing unified communications a piece of cake.

6. Quality of Service


An on-premise solution is only as reliable as the design and implementation. To guarantee uptime equipment must be managed by an internal IT department.

MiCloud Business and Mitel NetSolutions are fully supported and managed by Mitel direct to ensure quality.


7. Redundancy

With an on-premise solution, hardware and software geographic redundancy is challenging to deliver.

MiCloud Business can provide multi-site, unified messaging capability.

8. Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

An on-premise solution typically has no disaster recovery capability because the cost of supplying required hardware and design is generally not affordable to implement or support.

MiCloud Business includes automatic Business Continuity routing ensuring 100% uptime at all times.


9. Simplicity / End User Control

An on-premise solution typically requires vendor intervention to make adds, moves, or changes to a system. This can be costly and is typically charged on a time and materials basis and dependant on technician availability.

MiCloud Business includes an online administrative web portal with an easy-to-use interface allowing the end user to perform their own adds, moves, or changes at will. Each user will also receive a user web portal specific to their profile.

10. Mobility


An on-premise solution typically requires costly upgrades and licensing to add the latest features around mobility if the system you have is current and up to date.

MiCloud Business is a feature-rich system and the only cloud-based platform that is hosted by the manufacturer direct and includes mobility features at no additional cost.




On Premises IP PBX phone systems for the Small & Medium Businesses from Grandstream













The Grandstream IP PBX appliance is designed to bring enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobilityfeatures to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in an easy-to-manage fashion. This IP PBX series allowsbusinesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such comprehensive voice, video calling, videoconferencing, video surveillance, data tools and facility access management onto one common network that that can be managed and/or accessed remotely.


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2010 - present


Nextiva is the fastest growing unified communication provider in the United States and serves more than 100,000 business customers. Since 2006, Nextiva has maintained its focus on simplifying the way businesses communicate. Through a combination of communication, collaboration and mobility solutions, Nextiva helps companies of all sizes and industries run more efficiently and increase productivity and profitability, while reducing their communication costs. Nextiva is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and lives by the founding principle of Amazing Service®. DYNAMIK TELECOM NETWORKS is a certified partner of Nextiva and is authorized to resell their products and services.

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